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There are several ways you can make donations to assist WCCR in their efforts.

Donate food

We require donations of cat food, either dry or canned, to feed the various cat colonies around Waiuku. You can drop off your donations at Franklin Vets, or Contact us to arrange to drop off the food to one of our volunteers.

Donate money

We require funds for a number of reasons. Purchasing food, when donations are not sufficient; paying for veterinary services, such as de-sexing, vaccinations, treating illness and injury, and in some sad cases, euthanasia.

Donate time

We are always in need of volunteers to help feed the cat colonies, a task which happens every day, 365 days of the year. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you wish, from as little as one hour a week.

We also need volunteers to foster kittens until they can be rehomed. They may require hands-on feeding, if they have been weaned early, or simply someone to give them some love and affection until they find their permanent family!

Donate love!

If you're thinking about getting a kitten, consider opening your heart and home to one of our adorable kittens. Rescue kittens make wonderful pets - they are affectionate and are full of personality. Have a look at our Success Stories page to see some of the kittens that have been adopted into loving Waiuku families over the past few years.