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What does WCCR do?

WCCR was established in December 2008. We consist of a handful of people that have a common goal of the welfare of Waiuku's Colony cats. Since December 2008 we have de-sexed 27 cats and re-homed 94 cats and kittens.

365 days a year, one of our volunteers travels around Waiuku to feed all five of our cat colonies (approximately 50 cats in all).

If we find kittens in a colony, they are caught and placed in a foster home until they are able to be rehomed. If possible we leave the kittens in the colony until such time that they can be weaned from their mothers. However it is sometimes necessary to remove them before they are weaned, under these circumstances they are hand raised by one of our dedicated foster parents.

WCCR uses the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) method to control the size of our colonies. This method is widely used around the world and is encouraged by the SPCA. TNR helps the community by stabilizing the population of the stray cat colonies, and over time the numbers in the colonies are reduced. At the same time, nuisance behaviours such as spraying, loud noise and fighting are largely eliminated and the cats stop breeding.

After a cat has been de-sexed it is returned to the colony where it came from within a couple of days. Most of the adult colony cats are wild and are not suitable for re-homing. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to tame these cats (perhaps one day we may have the funds, resources and enough volunteers to be able to at least try and tame them).

If we come across a sick or injured cat in the colony we will catch it and ensure that it receives appropriate medical treatment. This may mean administering treatment or if the cat is not able to be successfully treated the cat will be humanely euthanased. Every effort is made to return the cat to the colony in a healthy state.